She Broke Up, I Didn’t! .... I just kissed someone else! by Durjoy Datta

She Broke Up, I Didn’t! is a novel that takes a nasty dig at relationships, love and fidelity and what it means today. It tackles some of the very uncomfortable questions and tries to put those into perspective.

It’s the story of Deb and Avantika, , two management students whose pretty as a picture life is is thrown off track, after Deb, drunk as a pig goes ahead and kisses a classmate. To forgive is divine? Especially when it is just a mistake!

What will Avantika do? Will she be able to forgive him?

And what if Deb does it again? What if Avantika goes ahead and does the same?

This is the story of a group of friends who battle the questions of infidelity, loyalty and love as they step out of their colleges.

Is lust different from love? Are girls more tolerant?

What would hurt you more?

Your partner writing a love song for someone else? Or sleeping with someone else?

Is the answer any different for the two sexes?

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